CityVille (Facebook) Game Cheats & Tips

CityVille (Facebook) Game Cheats & Tips


  • Build famous landmarks and public buildings
  • Work in your friends’ businesses

The game allows players to become the mayor of a virtual city and to oversee its development into a large metropolis.The city can grow with various tasks to be performed. The amount of energy available increases as the user gains in experience levels, up to a maximum of 30, or 37 with the dam addition and up to 42 with the addition of the wind farm. The energy points are replenished automatically at a constant rate of 1 energy every five minutes.

The player can also visit their neighbor’s city and perform up to 5 different jobs every 12 hours. This gives the user reputation points which provides the user with a free goods bonus and one or two heart requests with each reputation level-up and increases the amount of energy, XP and coins bonuses available on a daily basis. Players can send other players gifts and help them in some of the goals. The main task of the game is to complete goals, which can be seen on the top left corner of the screen and earn City Coins and purchase all current items for some. Players can also buy goods, sell goods,(supply goods to other players’ cities if their business branches are in their cities) and produce their own goods by farming and shipping. This virtual game had 80 experience levels,which has been increased to 90 experience levels and currently increased to 200 experience levels with different names for your city every level you reach.

Rake It In Goals Upgrade Farmers Market 


quest requirements :

mission 1: rake it in goal

Upgrade Farmer’s Market

Ask for 20 Rakes

Collect from 10 Greenhouses

farmer’s market level 2 requirements :

20 Honey Pots

Opening the Market 3x – open cityville farmer’s market links

Mastering Heirloom Tomatoes to Level 1

mission 2: squash the competition goal

Harvest 50 Organic Squashs

Ask for 30 Hoes

Open your Farmer’s Market 10 times

mission 3: upgrade your market goal

Upgrade your Farmer’s Market

Ask for 40 Trowels

Harvest 100 Heirloom Tomatoes

farmer’s market level 3 requirements :

20 Butter Churns

Opening the Market 9 times

Mastering Organic Squash to Level 1

Complete all levels of the Solar Power Plant to increase your maximum energy cap by 5! Each level increases your maximum cap by 1 and getting to Level 4 will increase your maximum cap by 2!

CityVille Facebook Cheats

  • Step 1: Utilize Energy Tricks
  • Step 2: Get Neighbors Fast – Completing your goals and rapidly growing your City becomes a lot easier if you have many neighbors in CityVille.
  • Step 3: Use CityVille Coins Tricks – Gettomg CityVille coins is actually pretty easy if you use our City Ville cheats and tricks

1) Use your supplies, coins and energy wisely. Do not collect rent from low paying houses when you are low on energy. Besides, when you are able to go up a level, you will get a partial refill of your energy, so do not visit your neighbors when you are about to up level. (when you visit a neighbor, you will get 3 energies)

2) Do not waste your energy. You should visit your neighbors to get free energy, but you should NOT waste your energy there, for example, by sending tour buses to play around in their city.

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