Bubble Witch Saga (Facebook Game) Cheats & Tips

Bubble Witch Saga is a new bubble shooter game by It’s a new, more progressive version of the hit flash game Bubble Witch, in which you progress from level to level, and you have to complete a different challenge with each level you beat. You also compete with your friends to see who can earn the top score on each stage. Can you get the top score out of all of your friends on every stage? For tips and tricks, keep reading.

Morph Bubbles are shape shifting Bubbles introduced at level 106. They change colour every other turn. The colour pair for a Morph Bubble is determined in the beginning of each level where you can find Morph Bubbles.

morph-bubbles-106-polymorpicBLUE – PURPLE

The ting with Morph Bubbles is to memorize the colour pair and use tactical thinking while playing a level where they appears. I use to go “red-blue, red-blue” as a mantra in my head, just memorizing one pair. The other can be discovered by knowing the first Morph Bubble pair.

By replaying easy levels, you can get lots of 100 coin rewards.

But you can also get 250 coin REWARDS by playing 3 Stars on level 7(and 17 and 87). When you get 250, you should post it publicly, or at least to your friends. Do not post 100 coiners, if you are planning on doing a 250 coiner that day, because there is a cap on claiming coins from the same person.

Please let me know what levels you think are easy, if I get tips I’ll repost them here, so more people can generate more coins and everybody benefits!

As for now, level 7 is my absolute favorite. I have played it for 3 Stars a long time ago, but I still can generate 100 coins. Getting 2 Stars on level 7 is an easy peacy for high level players, so go on and EARN SOME COINS!

Leave a Comment below, if you have cheats or tips for Bubble Witch Saga!

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    more lives

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    full screen

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    lol!!! That battle-er-game gets pylead in our house too! It is very similar to “who will pick up those dirty socks off the floor that missed the invisible laundry hamper”. That game is lots of fun too!